Compound words

A compound word is a word that is made from two other words put together, for example, “lumber” plus “yard” = “lumberyard”. English has thousands of compound nouns, but there are also some compound adjectives, adverbs and verbs. Here are a few examples: Adjective: childlike, postwar, secondhand, lifelike, monthlong, citywide, overanxious Adverb: henceforth, anyway, overall,… Read More Compound words

Chicken or Egg? Phrasal Verbs & Compound Nouns

Many¬†phrasal verbs have a similar looking compound noun. For example, the phrasal verb “take off”, which means “to depart”, corresponds to the noun “takeoff”, which means “departure”. Here they are in sentences: The plane could not take off until the snow was cleared. Why was the takeoff delayed so long? Pronunciation Phrasal verbs are distinguished… Read More Chicken or Egg? Phrasal Verbs & Compound Nouns