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1. Submit a pronunciation question — your question could be used as a blog topic. Add your question on any post in the “Leave a comment” box.

2. Helpful pages on the PronunciationCoach site:

  • Vowel Test: You can check yourself on some of the more difficult vowel contrasts.
  • Resources: Descriptions for my top picks for Phrasal Verb books. (Images shown below.)
  • About: You can contact the Coach about tutoring or a pronunciation analysis.


My legal disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Laura Elias, Pronunciation Coach
I am a language teacher with Master’s degrees in English as a Second Language and Hispanic Linguistics from the University of Minnesota. Over 25 years ago I started out by tutoring international college students, and since then I have gone on to teach English and Spanish to adults from beginner to advanced levels. My favorite area in both languages has always been pronunciation.

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