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Pronunciation Analysis

— A diagnostic analysis of your pronunciation!

The Process:

  1. Record your voice on my special analysis website
  2. I listen and send the results to you within a few days
  3. We meet to talk about the results and answer your questions

I will listen to your recordings to discover…

  • Your overall strengths and weaknesses with spoken English.
  • Which features of your accent are the most problematic and most likely to cause misunderstandings or miscommunication.
  • Which problem areas are the most crucial for you to improve first.

Then I will send you…

  • Written feedback (3 to 4 pages) with examples and explanations of your top priorities for improvement.
  • An audio file (mp3) in which I explain your results and record examples.
  • Copies of your audio recordings (mp3).
  • Suggestions or exercises for how you can practice and improve.

After you receive your results, we can schedule a meeting to discuss the results and answer your questions!

The analysis covers all of these aspects of pronunciation:


Consonant clusters



Word Stress

Sentence Stress (rhythm)

Word endings


Intonation and sentence focus

Phrasal Linking (liasons)

To begin the analysis process…

  1. Fill in this form with information about yourself, your language background, and your experience with English.
  2. I send you an email with instructions and a link to my analysis recording site.
  3. Record your voice on my analysis site. It has instructions and simple topics provided for recording.
  4. When I receive your recordings, I will complete the analysis within 4 to 5 business days, then send you an overview summary and a PayPal email invoice ($190 US).
  5. Get your full results! When I receive the payment I will send your full detailed analysis results.
  6. Conference. When you are ready, we can plan a time to talk (skype, google hangouts…)!


My legal disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Laura Elias, Pronunciation Coach
I am a language teacher with Master’s degrees in English as a Second Language and Hispanic Linguistics from the University of Minnesota. Over 25 years ago I started out by tutoring international college students, and since then I have gone on to teach English and Spanish to adults from beginner to advanced levels. My favorite area in both languages has always been pronunciation.

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