The Most Frequently Used Words

It is a good idea to check yourself to make sure that you are saying the most frequently used words correctly because many of them are needed every time you speak in English, and the most frequently used words of English have the highest percentage of irregular spelling patterns, so if you learned to say them by looking at the letters, you may be saying some of them wrong! Or perhaps, when you first learned some of these words, you did not know how to say them correctly, and now you have a habit of saying some of them incorrectly.

Here is a list of the 150 most frequent words: MostFrequentWordsEnglish150

Here are some ideas for different ways you can use the list with the audio files to check yourself and practice these words:

  • listen to the audio files before you look at the list, write down the words as you hear them, then look at the list to check yourself.
  • pause the audio after each word and say the next word aloud before you hear it, to see if you think you said it correctly.
  • listen and repeat each word, trying imitate the pronunciation on the audio, to see if it is different from the way you are accustomed to saying the word.
  • record yourself and then compare your recording to these audio files.

Words 1-50
Words 51-100
Words 101-150

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