Be more confident speaking English!

Interactive group classes.

Perfect for intermediate to advanced learners.

Each class is 50 minutes by Zoom.

Class size is limited (12-18 people) so that everyone can practice and get personal feedback.

In these classes you can…

  • interact with learners of English from other countries
  • get valuable speaking practice
  • learn how to improve your pronunciation
  • get personal feedback from the Coach

…and have fun, all at the same time!!

Class times are compatible with many time zones.
Get a friend and sign-up together!!


CURRENT CLASSES (more to come!)

Conversation Class: Fluency Practice

Practice your speaking skills, improve your fluency, and have fun! Come ready to talk with classmates on guided topics in breakout groups, with the help of the Coach. Limit: 12 students. ($11 USD)

Master Class 1: English Pronunciation – Most Common Problems

The most common errors and pronunciation difficulties in English, important insights into the vowel system, and some of the most frequently used words that are most frequently mispronounced. Limit: 18 students. As the initial class of the series, it has a discounted price!! (just $7 USD)

Master Class 2: English Vowel System

Vowel System Overview. The English vowel system is one of the more confusing aspects for most learners. The class includes: the 15 different vowel sounds, how the Long and Short vowel system works, Short-vowel pronunciation tips, and the most fundamental vowel spelling patterns. Limit: 18 students. ($9 USD)

Master Class 3: Most Challenging English Vowels Workout

Master the most challenging English vowels: Long-E vs. Short-i, Long-A vs. Short-e, Short-o vs. Short-u, Short-i, and the R-vowel. These are the vowel sounds that most frequently lead to communication mix-ups! You will have a chance to practice these and get personal feedback from the instructor. Limit: 18 students. ($9 USD)